A Company Profile:


Keltech Energies Ltd, (KEL), has  Perlite Expansion Plants in south and central India to manufacture a range of perlite products suitable for use in Cryogenic insulation, Construction, Refractory, Explosives, Fillers, Foundry, Thermoplastics and  Horticulture.


KEL also undertakes turnkey installation of in-situ perlite-concrete/ring-beam foundation of  concrete blocks  for base insulation of cryogenic tanks and annular filling of double wall tanks using portable expanders at site.


KEL is a member of the Perlite Institute Inc. USA   In 2000, KEL became an ISO 9002 certified Company for manufacturing expanded perlite. It also obtained an ISO 9001 accreditation for manufacture of lightweight concrete blocks.


The photographs shown below pertain to the lightweight perlite-concrete block project undertaken by the Company in 2001-02 for the LNG tank installation in Gujarat, India.


Contact  Address:


Keltech Energies Ltd,

III Floor, Chowgule House,

18, Crescent Road, Bangalore 560 001



Phone : 91 (80) 2251451 / 2257900

Fax :     91 (80) 225 3857

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