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A super-light weight perlite filler and filter powder

Schundler PF-60 is a blend of fine, carefully classified, perlite particles for use as a filter bag conditioning agent, as a pre-coat filtration media, as a basic carrier, and in industrial applications as a filler.

Basic Properties:

  1. Perlite is essentially an amorphous, hydrated glassy volcanic rock of rhyolitic composition, consisting primarily of fused sodium potassium aluminum silicate.

  2. Typical particle sizes when tested dry can range between 50-200 microns (325 to 70 U.S. mesh screens). (When dealing with small, dry particles like these, typical testing methods are not very reliable or accurate!) Nevertheless, a typical sieve analysis would be:
    Screen Percent Retained
    + 60 0-1%
    100 30-40.0%
    200 45-55%
    325 5-15%
    -325 0-5.0%
  3. Another far more accurate test method gives a histogram report showing mean diameters to be 35-45 microns (approximately 400 mesh).

  4. The dry bulk density of PF-60 can range from when it is first blown into place (in baghouses, for instance, or when first bagged) to after it has had time to settle.

    This range can be from approximately 7 lbs/cubic foot to as much as 15 lbs./cubic foot--but when packed and compacted, the normal range in a bag will be appoximately 11-13 lbs/cf.

  5. Perlite's CAS number is 93-763-70-3

  6. Exposure Limits:
    ACGIH TLV (total)10 mg/m3
    ACGIH TLV (respirable)3 mg/m3
  7. Schundler PF-60 is non-toxic, inert, and inorganic making it easy and safe to use.

Basic Applications and Uses:

  • Schundler PF-60 is used a number of different commercial and industrial applications:

  • In liquid filtration systems where a basic, generic, pre-coat filter media is required. In industrial filter presses (plate and frame presses), for instance, Schundler PF-60 has been used to dewater sewer sludge and commerical laundry waste water.

  • In dry air filtration systems (dusthouses and bag houses), Schundler PF-60 is being used to condition and protect bags in severe applications such as coke manufacturing.

  • In the manufacture of certain coatings and specialty products, Schundler PF-60 is being used as a filler and/or absorbant.

Health Concerns and Issues

Like with any other nuisance dust, proper care should be used when using this product to avoid creating any more dust than necessary, and to protect the respiratory system from becoming overloaded with too much dust. The use of dust masks (disposal or permanent) is recommended.

Fortunately studies of miners and processing plant employees with long term exposure have shown no diminution of respiratory function and no health problems visible from an analysis and comparison of worker X-rays.

Like any other product mined from surface mines, however, perlite can have contamination from crystalline silica. To date, levels above the 1/10 of 1% trigger point requiring more stringent labeling have not been identified in expanded finished perlite products; nevertheless, workers still should avoid creating excessive dust and wear proper respiratory protection.

Please refer to our MSDS on Perlite for further information.

Respiratory Protection: Provide general ventilation and local exhaust ventilation to meet TLV requirements and to control dusting conditions. Avoid creating dust. Wear a NIOSH/MSHA approved dust respirator or dust mask in poorly ventilated areas if TLV is exceeded, and/or when dusty conditions exist.

Protective Equipment: Usually not necessary when TLV levels are met, but the use of a dust mask to avoid inhalation of nuisance dust is recommended. Gloves or protective clothing usually are not necessary. Wear eye protection (safety goggles) when necessary to avoid particulate irritation of the eye.

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