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In the early 1920's, Fritz Schundler was the first to expand vermiculite commercially in the United States for use as insulation in the meat packing industry and as an ingredient in under-coating materials for cars.

Fritz Schundler was also among the first to begin importing vermiculite from countries like South Africa, discovered and operated what became one of the largest perlite mines in America, and developed and manufactured FESCO board. His company, The F.E. Schundler Company, operated for many years in Illinois before it was purchased by the Johns Manville Corporation in September 1960.

In 1951, the Coralux Perlite Corporation was founded as a separate company by Otto Schundler---one of Fritz's nephews and a leader and innovator in the American perlite and vermiculite business for 27 years. At the time the company's primary market for these two expanded minerals was as an aggregate in lightweight-fireproof plaster and in insulating concrete used on roof decks.

In 1972, the Coralux Perlite Corporation changed its name to The Schundler Company . The Schundler family grew and expanded the company to become the largest and most highly regarded perlite and vermiculite manufacturer in the US Northeast. Product offerings changed and evolved during this time, and at various points included such diverse items as pre-mixed peat/ perlite, and insulation, fireproofing, and winter traction-aid products.

Our current ownership and management group is made up of long-term company owners and leaders, including from the Schundler family. We continue to carry on the Schundler Company tradition of growing, evolving, and improving our offering to best meet the needs of our customers and the markets we serve.

Note that our mailing address (for billing and corporate correspondence) is now: 10 Central Street, Nahant, MA 01908 US. Please update your address books, email lists, accounting/ order processing programs, data sheets, etc. accordingly. To ensure loading and dock operation efficiency for our trucks, customer pickups at any of our manufacturing facilities/ warehouses is currently only available under special circumstances.

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