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By Bruce Schundler

Many companies are having success using different grades of perlite to replace pumice or DE (diatomaceous earth) for stonewashing. Called by different names (Beadwash, Ocean Wash, Perl-Wash, etc.), perlite not only offers better and softer finishes, it can be easier and safer to handle.

We currently sell five different grades for stonewash finishes:

  1. PF-60 ---a very fine, almost talc like powder which resembles DE in particle size and effect. It is used not only for stonewashing, but also as a filtration media in systems using a filter press or rotary vacuum filtration unit.

  2. Bead Wash I (PBC) ---a predominately minus 10 mesh perlite which has been used when a variety of particles are desired at the lowest possible price.

  3. Bead Wash II (Ch) ---a combination of both large perlite particles and finer particles where the effect of both the largest grades and the powders are desired.

  4. Bead Wash Il Special (Soilac) ---a carefully screened, medium grade which has both the larger particles and powder-like material removed.

  5. Bead Wash III (SC) ---our largest, screened grade which has most all of the finer, dustier material removed leaving only 12 mesh and larger pieces.

Depending upon what finish is needed and what enzymes are used, you may have to experiment to determine which grade is best for your application. Please let us know if we can help, or if you need samples!

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