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written by Bruce Schundler

We often are surprised at the many unusual, unique, and unexpected uses of perlite and vermiculite. And fortunately, we are hearing more and more every day.

Recently, Didier Coudry, the Technical Coordinator of the Exposition "Dinosaures" Créamonde S.A. in Strasbourg, France wrote us about still another use of vermiculite. The museum was looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, and totally fire-proof product to use for imitation "dirt" under a dinosaur expositon. And here is what they did:

dinosaur exhibition
Vermiculite: The Ground on which Dinosaurs Walk

As Didier Coudry wrote, "After a long time reflecting on what to use to fill the area around the "animals", we decided to use vermiculite for its stability, its weight, its "look" and, last but not least, its fireproof guarantee. Moreover, we were happy to learn that vermiculite, despite its "synthetic look", is "paleontologic" in age." (We edited Didier's English a little.)

We've also heard of vermiculite being used in museaums for background material, under stages for sound-proofing (once the Gugenheim Museum used truckloads of vermiculite under staging for a sound-light exhibition), under floors of the San Francisco Ballet for fire-proofing and accoustical insulation, and for simulated "falling objects" like snow.

If you know of another unusual, unique, and unexpected use, let us know!

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