Perlite and vermiculite both have some interesting properties which make them useful in a number of strange and unusual applications which no one would expect! They are lightweight, fireproof, non-toxic and non-hazardous. They can be produced in a number of different sizes, and expanded to different densities. And they can both hold water, and other liquids such as oils, nutrients, chemical mixtures, and special coatings, and they both provide insulation.

Because of these rather unique properties, vermiculite and perlite both are used in a number of special uses. Sometimes of these we have known like the use of perlite in ant farms and on the top of lagoons for odor control, and others we have heard about in various publications.

So if you know of a use of either perlite or vermiculite which should be included here, please let us know!

A complete listing of perlite and vermiculte's many "unusual, unique, and unexpected" uses would be difficult to compile. Nevertheless here are some basic applications which have been recognized or identified from throughout the world:

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