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By Bruce Schundler

Green Roof Technology
Heinz 57 Headquarters
Roof of Heinz 57 Center
in Pittsburgh, PA

So-called "Green Roofs" are being built more and more thoughout the world, especially in Germany.

They are used on both commercial/industrial buildings and residential homes.

According to Dr. Edgar David, an Associate Professor of Landscape Architechture at Temple University/Ambler, "green roofs mimic the natural processes that the buildings replace. It is a new and exciting technology that has the ability to improve our air quality and water quality."

The roofs also save energy cost by providing much better insulation, and last much longer than traditional roofs that degrade and deteriorate due to exposure to ultraviolet sunlight and heat. Dr.David has suggested that typical green roofs can last "two or three times longer than traditional roof systems."

Another German Green Roof
A office/school complex with a green roof

In some German cities, green roofs are being encouraged by tax incentives and regulation. And in some cities, like Stuttgardt, the use of green roofs is practially mandated in some construction.

According to Fritz Hammerle of Arti-Grun (located near Stuttgardt), green roofs have developed for a number of reasons:

As a result of these and many other concerns, Germany has seen a significant growth in green roofs. In 1994 only 11% of all flat roofs (roofs with a slope of 5% or less) were being built as "green roofs"---in 2001 the number has increased to 14%!

To read more about green roofs, which use lightweight mixes using perlite and/or vermiculite for water retention, proper drainage, and lightweighting---there are a number of interesting sites.

Another German Green Roof
Picture Supplied by Roofscapes, Inc.

For more information about the use of vermiculite and perlite in green roofs, here are some links:

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A three family German home
A three family German home